Meet the 2023/24 Neville Shulman Award winners – supporting local communities and conservation - Earthwatch

Meet the 2023/24 Neville Shulman Award winners – supporting local communities and conservation

The Neville Shulman Earthwatch Awards give individuals from across the world the opportunity to be granted funding that will enable them to undertake new meaningful research, increase local community engagement in environmental projects and tackle some of the planet’s biggest environmental challenges.

In particular we look for applications from early career scientists that address one or more of the following areas of research:

  • The impacts of climate change
  • The loss of wildlife and habitats
  • Nature in cities
  • Freshwater pollution

Our winners of the 2023/24 Neville Shulman Awards have now been chosen so we are thrilled to be able to introduce them to you! They are three early career scientists undertaking research in Argentina, South Africa and Sierra Leone. They will be receiving grants from the Neville Shulman Awards to enable them to start work on their proposed projects.

Their research will be focusing on human relationships with nature, monitoring freshwater quality and tackling the impacts of climate change. Through their work, they also seek to empower their local communities to create solutions to some of the challenges these communities are facing.

A huge congratulations to all our award winners. Earthwatch is looking forward to seeing your projects develop over the next year!

Read on to find out more about our talented winners and their vital work.

Romina Achaga: focusing on paleomagnetism and paleoenvironmental studies to unravel Earth’s history

Romina Achaga is currently a PhD student in Argentina and she will be using the award to research the relationships between climate, ecosystems and human activities.

“I am seeking to illuminate the complex interactions between climate, ecosystems and human activities in pursuit of sustainable change. I am deeply honoured by the Neville Shulman Earthwatch Award, recognising the potential of my research to inspire transformative conservation efforts and foster a stronger connection between the scientific community, local communities and education for a harmonious coexistence with nature.” 

Romina Achaga

Cyrintha Barwise-Joubert: exploring baboon and human conflict

Cyrintha Barwise-Joubert works for the Primate and Predator Project, based in the western Soutpansberg mountain range in Limpopo Province in South Africa.

“I feel privileged to have been awarded this grant;  thank you to Earthwatch for supporting this research. I am excited to roll out this project, which will help understand the foraging value of different crops to baboons, potentially informing future mitigation strategies and contributing to minimising human wildlife conflict.”

Eva Boi-Mary Jabati: citizen science monitoring in the Taia/Pampana River Basin

Eva Boi-Mary Jabati is a geologist with over five years’ experience in water resources management. She is currently working as a hydro technician for the National Water Resources Management Agency. Eva is responsible for the collection and analysis of routine ambient water quality data across river basins in the country. She is also the group manager for the citizen science monitoring program for the Rokel River Basin in Sierra Leone. 

“Citizen science monitoring for Taia/Pampana River Basin will help improve my practical experience in collecting, managing, and analysing scientific data and strengthen my research foundation. Engaging in citizen science monitoring will provide opportunities for me to network and collaborate with individuals from different backgrounds and areas of expertise. It will also enhance my professional development.

I am so pleased to receive this award. It will give me the opportunity to empower communities to become stewards of their environment through citizen science monitoring.”

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