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Earthwatch at 50: Sue Alexander

Earthwatch at 50: Sue Alexander's story In 2002, Sue Alexander saw a poster on the office wall advertising Earthwatch expeditions as part of HSBC’s Investing in Nature programme. She signed... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Daniel Letoiye

Earthwatch at 50: Daniel Letoiye's story Competition between local pastoral communities in Samburu, Kenya and the endangered Grevy’s zebra has long presented a challenge for conservationists. In 2012, Daniel Letoiye... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Hazel Rymer

Earthwatch at 50: Hazel Rymer's story Hazel Rymer is Professor Emeritus of Environmental Volcanology at the Open University. Her research investigates how active volcanoes affect their environment and impact Global... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Richard Thorpe

Earthwatch at 50: Richard Thorpe's story In early 2001, Richard Thorpe took part in an Earthwatch expedition to Kangaroo Island, South Australia, to help scientists monitor native populations of Echidnas... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Chris Gordon

Earthwatch at 50: Chris Gordon's story In 1996, Chris Gordon spent two weeks in Cameroon’s Rainforests after being awarded a Millennium Teacher Fellowship. The project involved surveying biodiversity in Cameroon’s... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Katie McCoy

Earthwatch at 50: Katie McCoy's story Katie McCoy had always been interested in nature. She’d taken a scientific path and after university was working as a microbiologist. But it was... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Caroline Wanjiru

Earthwatch at 50: Caroline Wanjiru's story Mangroves are one of the world’s most complex and crucial habitats. As well as storing huge amounts of carbon, they provide a nursery home... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Ivan Vince

Earthwatch at 50: Ivan Vince's story “Nothing will ever match the 12 days I spent with Earthwatch” said Ivan Vince, who joined the ‘Climate Change at the Arctic’s Edge’ expedition... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Daphne King

Earthwatch at 50: Daphne King's story As a keen gardener, Daphne King was drawn to the Earthwatch Costa Rica caterpillar expedition when she saw it advertised in 1999. During the... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Vittoria Annoscia-Thornley

Earthwatch at 50: Vittoria Annoscia-Thornley's story When Vittoria Annoscia -Thornley discovered the Philippines through her first Earthwatch expedition in 1999, she found a place that she would build a long... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Daniel Santos

Earthwatch at 50: Daniel Santos' story Daniel Santos noticed that while Cape Verde was vulnerable to the effects of climate change, local communities didn’t always understand the complexities. After receiving... Read more
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