50th Anniversary - Earthwatch

Earthwatch at 50: Shirley Jukes

Earthwatch at 50: Shirley Jukes' story Having always had a passion for nature and the outdoors, Shirley Jukes had always wanted to see Africa’s wildlife. She took part in her... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Kate Barlow

Earthwatch at 50: Kate Barlow's story Dr Kate Barlow, was a passionate wildlife conservationist who joined Earthwatch as Head of Science and Engagement in 2015. Kate's great passion was for... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Denise Parker

Earthwatch at 50: Denise Parker's story When Denise Parker was offered redundancy from her job in financial services in 1997, she knew that it was time for a change. She... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Rima Chai

Earthwatch at 50: Rima Chai's story Rima Chai, AKA ‘Tyre Lady’, started dragging her signature tyre as part of a gruelling training regime for a polar expedition in 2006. When... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Sarah Staunton-Lamb

Earthwatch at 50: Sarah Staunton-Lamb's story Sarah Staunton-Lamb, Senior Learning and Engagement Manager, joined Earthwatch in 2000 to work on the Millennium funded Fellowship programme. The programme offered the over-50s... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Brian Sinclair

Earthwatch at 50: Brian Sinclair's story As an outdoors enthusiast, and having recently taken voluntary redundancy from work, Brian Sinclair was delighted to be awarded an Earthwatch Millennium Fellowship in... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Mary Kitchen

Earthwatch at 50: Mary Kitchen's story After being made redundant from her job in IT in 2016, Mary wanted to return to her background in science. She decided to join... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Emma Fonseca

Earthwatch at 50: Emma Fonseca's story After growing up on an organic farm, HSBC Business Manager Emma Fonseca rebelled against her ‘alternative’ upbringing when she joined the army. She later... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Lynda Thompson

Earthwatch at 50: Lynda Thompson's story Lynda Thompson first became aware of Earthwatch when she was working for an outdoor activity company near Ullswater in Cumbria. She cut out the... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Francis Vorhies

Earthwatch at 50: Francis Vorhies' story Francis is a Conservation Economist whose work addresses the nexus between business, economic development, and conservation – an area that is increasingly described as... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Anthea Dewhurst

Earthwatch at 50: Anthea Dewhurst's story Anthea Dewhurst spent two weeks surveying River Otter populations in Chile after being awarded an Earthwatch Millennium Fellowship in 2002. As well as recording... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Sue Fielden

Earthwatch at 50: Sue Fielden's story “Expeditions have far more camaraderie than your average holiday” said Sue Fielden whose Earthwatch expedition to Kangaroo Island in 1993 turned out to be... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Debbie Carter

Earthwatch at 50: Debbie Carter's story In 2002, Debbie Carter won a place on an Earthwatch expedition as part of the Millennium Fellowship Scheme. Funded by the Millennium Commission and... Read more
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