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Earthwatch at 50: Andrew Stevenson & Farouk Dubiere

Earthwatch at 50: Andrew Stevenson and Farouk Dubiere's story Photos (left to right): Andrew Stevenson (Credit: Earthwatch Europe), Farouk Dubiere (Credit: Ali Mahama) Earthwatch’s Earth Skills Network (ESN) connects leaders... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Raghuvansh Saxena

Earthwatch at 50: Raghuvansh Saxena's story Raghuvansh Saxena has 26 years of experience in Sustainability and Climate Change, Nature Conservation, Water and Natural Resources Management. Raghu has been leading Earthwatch India... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Carsten ten Brink

Earthwatch at 50: Carsten Ten Brink's story An artist, photographer and writer, Carsten has completed an impressive six expeditions with Earthwatch, beginning with an archaeological expedition 'Origins of Angkor' in... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Jon Moulton

Earthwatch at 50: Jon Moulton's story How does a Venture Capitalist find himself studying Climate Change at the edge of the Arctic? This is where Jon Moulton found himself in 2009... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Alex Liu

Earthwatch at 50: Alex Liu's story Alex Liu, a lecturer in palaeontology and sedimentology at the University of Cambridge, doesn’t usually anticipate tears in his lectures. But there’s one slide... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Philip Faure

Earthwatch at 50: Philip Faure's story Philip Faure’s idea to place Anatolian livestock guarding dogs with farmers in South Africa’s western Soutpansberg Mountains was a unique and important way to... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Shigeo Yasuda

Earthwatch at 50: Shigeo Yasuda's story Earthwatch Japan (EWJ) was formed in Tokyo in 1993, a few years after the late Kikujiro Namba, met Earthwatch founder, Brian Rosborough, in Berlin... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Jean Lyster-Binns

Earthwatch at 50: Jean Lyster-Binns' story As her 65th birthday approached, Jean decided to take the plunge and book a place on Earthwatch’s Samburu Zebra expedition in 2004. “My son... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: John Gimlette

Earthwatch at 50: John Gimlette's story In 1999, acclaimed travel author John Gimlette won a place on Earthwatch's Australian Platypus expedition after winning a travel writing competition in Wanderlust. John... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Ahmad Hussein Mohamed

Earthwatch at 50: Ahmad Hussein Mohamed's story Networking is crucial for scientists. But opportunities can be expensive. Ahmad Hussein Mohamed forged a relationship with Earthwatch when he joined a project... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Peter Tavolacci

Earthwatch at 50: Peter Tavolacci's story In 2012, when HSBC Senior Manager Peter Tavolacci took part in the Earthwatch/HSBC sustainable coffee farming programme in Costa Rica, he felt as if... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Steven Loiselle

Earthwatch at 50: Steven Loiselle's story Steven Loiselle is an Associate Professor at the University of Siena in Italy, and a Senior Researcher at Earthwatch Europe. He leads FreshWater Watch,... Read more

Earthwatch at 50: Fiona and Paul Cropper

Earthwatch at 50: Fiona and Paul Cropper's story While looking at pictures of the Amazon on Google Earth in 2019, Fiona and her husband Paul were inspired to join Earthwatch’s... Read more
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