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Our approach

We empower people to save the natural world through direct action and policy influence on critical environmental issues.

We create knowledge through rigorous and relevant science that informs decision making, whilst our engaging experiences enable anyone to get hands on and make a difference.

We believe that working together is essential to tackling the threats to the natural world: the impacts of climate change, the declining health of our rivers and oceans, and the loss of wildlife and habitats.

In addition to empowering the public, we inspire the next generation through our education programmes, engage with businesses to address environmental challenges and enable scientists to connect with communities.

Around the world, our vibrant community of Earthwatchers inspires and drives positive change through individual and collective action, creating a more sustainable future and advancing scientific knowledge.

The changes they make in their homes, workplaces and communities, along with their contributions to scientific research, combine to deliver global impact.

About citizen science

Central to our approach is the use of citizen science, whereby anyone can gather robust data to generate environmental insights and inform future policy.

Citizen science gives scientists a greater understanding of how we're impacting our planet and allows for better decisions on the management of our natural resources.

It connects people in a global environmental movement, enabling you to make a direct contribution to scientific research through inspirational experiences that transform both hearts and minds.

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